Dronde están las tortugas?

Harnessing machine learning and drone technology to support grassroots conservation efforts

DELT provides drone technology resources and solutions equipped with artificial intelligence to aid turtle rescue organisations around the world. Our drones are able to detect turtles as they come ashore to nest and alert rescue teams of their location so that they can be retrieved and taken to sanctuaries where they can be protected from poachers and other environmental threats while they nest. This ensures both the health and safety of existing turtle populations, but also safe-guards future generations of sea turtles at a critical and dangerous moment in their development. DELT’s mission is make the search easier and cover more ground, so that these organisations can do more with less.

How it works

We teach the AI what we want it to detect.
The drone goes out there and finds what we’re looking for, like turtles!
The drone contacts the end-user with all the details.

The Story

DELT was born after a long professional experience in fields such as artificial intelligence, software development or drone applications, and a short but intense visit to a turtle rescue center. In the summer of 2022, Pablo and Bernat, two friends and engineers living in Paris and Barcelona respectively, met again to give shape to this idea. Mixing part of our professional experience with our passion for travel and nature, we came up with the idea of developing an equipped drone capable of detecting turtles automatically (a job that until then was being done manually, with the expense of resources that this implies). Today, DELT works for the conservation of turtles and other animals, together with several organizations and research institutes for environmental aid projects. We are also very proud that the center where we were born was our first partner, working together to find nesting turtles, protect them from human or natural threats and protect their eggs in order to help rebuild the population of this species.
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The Team


Our Partners...

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Vive Mar

Mexican organization that protects the Oaxacan coast, especially by repopulating the turtle population in the Pacific Ocean and protecting them from poachers and other dangers.
Oaxaca, México
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Osa Conservation

Osa Conservation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the globally significant biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.
Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
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